Sunday, April 19, 2009

Start of a new era

Well, This is going to be my first serious mod of master grade model. This is definitely not the first master grade Gundam model that I own. I have been reluctant to start in this scale simply because it is bigger, and the internal frame puts an additional modding effort. I have always been a fan of the Gouf Custom due to its fierce appearance. Zaku Version 2.0 is an excellent kit due to its exceptional posability. The concept is simple: put a MG Gouf Custom exterior on an internal frame of Zaku Version 2.0. Turn out the task to accomplish such is anything but simple. So far I have only been able to attach the two sides of the chest block to the frame.


One comment I have about the development of Gundam models, particularly the master grade, is the increasing mobility of the robot has been achieved through the use of ABS as modeling material for the internal frame. However, the ABS is not workable with the common plastic cements. Therefore, customization of the model becomes more difficult. I will write up the procedure I used to make the modifications in a dedicated blog. At this point I can see that it is going to take far more effort than customizing a high grade kit.

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